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Ceramic lava stone tables

100% handmade in Italy

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No machine stamped or stenciled

Your Art in pottery

Italian Pottery from Touch of Sicily is the most charming Italian handmade Pottery from the most colorful island of Italy. We have patiently selected the best artists which produce different decors, yet share the same ancient tradition in making the best Italian majolica using the best quality raw materials. Sicilian ceramics are considered the most valuable and precious in Italy. In fact the most exclusive people furnish their villas with fine majolica, decorative panels and reproduce floors of historic buildings and churches with decorative Italian tiles. Porches are adorned by tables made with lava rock taken directly from the Etna volcano and decorated knowledgeably. Lawns and paths are turned beautiful with precious jars and ceramic works of art and last but not least, tiles bordering the most extravagant swimming pools and stone walls. All our Italian Pottery is made just for our customers. In a world where in a few hours you can get what you want from anywhere in the world, we pride in having you appreciate the ticking of time whilst our artists work for you with dedication. Waiting is the right recipe: you will think about your favorite craftsman preparing your piece of art every day... YOUR very own masterpiece.