We enjoy talking about our passion.

However, when we try to define it, a thousand words would not be sufficient. If you like the idea of having a Sicilian masterpiece in your home, if you like to breathe the smell of our magic island, if you like to be one of us and feel yourself engaged with the pleasure of having a unique experience you have reached the right place: Sicilian pottery - for eating, enjoying a moment of relaxation, commemorating a holiday, remembering an ancestor, being part of our history.

We will be more than happy to help you realize your Italian dream.

In a world where in a few hours you can get what you want from anywhere in the world, we pride in having you appreciate the ticking of time. Waiting is the right recipe: you will think about your favorite craftsman preparing your piece of art every day... YOUR very own masterpiece.

And when the wait is over you will find the joy of opening the package -it will be a real treat and you will remember this purchase forever.

The idea of Touch of Sicily was born in 2011 from a journey to Sicily, the most colorful Italian island, and our native land.

We have always been fascinated by local traditional pottery arts, painters and handcrafters that can start with a pure element present in mother nature - clay - and come up with absolute and unique ceramic masterpieces.

We experienced their passion, we learned to respect their work, we were enchanted by the messages that they sent us and eventually we have decided to share their art with anybody willing to learn from their special language.

TouchOfSicily is a lifestyle.

We are two young ladies, sensible and excited about green practices and products and we like the idea that our activity may offer environmentally friendly, non-toxic and sustainable products such as clay, paints and finishes used to create our art.


Barbara and Tiziana