Shipping and Delivery

Buy your special piece of art without any stress. Just enjoy the experience of buying from Italy and the joy of receiving a magic box from one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

It will be a special way to receive a piece of Sicily in your home or make a present to your beloved by bringing the Sun of Sicily!

We will take care of the troubles and the costs by ensuring that your shipment is:

  • Safely and carefully packed.
  • Fully insured against damage and loss.
  • Shipped via UPS or DHL depending on destination.


Free shipping to the United Kingdom, European Union member countries, United States and Canada.

For all other countries shipping costs will be automatically calculated at the checkout depending on the total weight.

A contribution to local taxes, Customs duties and fees are due for shipments to all countries except for United Kingdom, Australia and European Union member countries.

In the United States U.S. Customs and Border Protection holds the importer liable for the payment of Import duties. However, in our experience our shipments are considered Informal Entries so Custom duties are rarely requested (see for more details).

Local taxes and duties in Australia must be paid by the customer to courier at arrival.