Return Policy

We strive to make sure that your piece of art is carefully handcrafted, packaged and delivered to your door in a safe manner and we are sure that you will enjoy your purchase so much that you will keep it safely with pride and admiration in your home. Please be aware that our artifacts are individually handcrafted and will therefore naturally vary slightly in color, shape and design from one to the next. There may also be slight color changes, small size variations, paint smudges, fingerprints or other “non-perfect” appearances – these are part of the manual process and actually represent the real added value and cannot be considered a good reason to return a piece.

This is actually normal – you can imagine our Sicilian artists working in their labs for you and many factors concur in making such small changes – the particular season which affects humidity and temperature, the hand of the artist shaping and drawing on the item, the natural variations in the composition of clay. This is also the reason why it may take a few weeks for your piece of art to be prepared – it needs time to dry naturally and this process cannot be artificially accelerated. There is no automated building process being applied to any of our items by any of our artists. You are truly getting a unique and personalized piece of art being built by expert hands in the land of Sicily.

However, should you be unhappy about your purchase we will refund the price of the item(s) through bank transfer. We will e-mail you clear and simple instructions. Please note that no returns will be accepted if not previously agreed upon with us. Shipping cost to return your purchase is on the buyer. Only for Europe and Uk we will refund the 70% of the purchase. We do not refund shipping costs. Only for Canada we do not refund 10% of Customs duty and Tax.

There is no refund on personalized item(s). Any item(s) which has been personalized with a signature or a phrase on the piece of art cannot be returned simply because you don’t like it.

Our return policy naturally applies to all incorrect purchases sold by Touch of Sicily. For any incorrect Item(s)misplaced item(s) which do not correspond to your order may be returned. Please e-mail us within 5 calendar days of receiving the ceramics, mention your Name, Order Number, the Product Code of the incorrect item(s) and clearly describe the problem with your item(s). Also, please attach e-mail pictures of the incorrect item(s).

Returning item(s) with any of the following conditions will not be accepted:

  • Item(s) with obvious signs of use will not be accepted.
  • A different item(s) from the one we agreed for the return will not be accepted.
  • Item(s) not returned in the condition they were received will not be accepted.
  • Item(s) purchased from sellers different from Touch of Sicily will not be accepted.

We will e-mail you clear and simple instructions. We will pay the return shipping charges.

Please note that no returns will be accepted if not previously agreed upon with us.


For any damaged item(s)

Please inspect your delivery for damages upon arrival and make written exception on the Delivery Receipt of the presumed damage or any other discrepancy or irregularity by writing “Subject to inspection for concealed damage” on the delivery slip.

In case of actual damage:

Inspect item(s) upon arrival and in case inform DHL/UPS immediately.

If inspection upon arrival is not possible, please inform immediately DHL or UPS of the damage (call UPS at their Toll Free Number 1-800-782-7892, or any other local DHL/UPS customer care number for your country) by quoting the shipment reference number.

Please keep the original packaging material for a possible DHL/UPS inspection.

E-mail us within 24 hours of merchandise arrival, mentioning your Name, Order Number, the Product Code or description of the damaged item(s) and attach detailed pictures of the damaged item(s) and of the packing material.

Do not ship the damaged item(s) back until we give you proper instructions. We pay an insurance to protect your items and are obliged by their process to act in such timeframe.
We will e-mail you clear and simple instructions.
Please note that no returns will be accepted if not previously agreed upon with us.