Volcanic Stone Tables

Perfect for outdoor and indoor, lava stone is a basaltic rock from mount Etna volcano in Sicily.

In order to create exclusive ceramics glazed lava stone surfaces, our artist Desuir selects the finest stone, Mother Nature starts the production on Mount Etna, near Catania - the never sleeping Sicilian Volcano. Forged by fire and water, the lava stone is harder than granite and it lasts forever.

For different sizes and customized decorations, please do not hesitate to contact us at our info.

You will be surprised from its amazing properties:


It offers a hygienic and safe work surface. Unlike granite, it does not emit dangerous radiations.

Stain proof

The glazed surface is treated so that it completely seals the stone and as a consequence the surface does not stain.

Maintenance free for life

Since the surface is naturally sealed by the ceramic glaze it does not require any kind of maintenance. It will last for generations!

Easy cleaning

From soap to bleach the ceramics lava top can be cleaned without the risk of damage.

Scorch resistant

You will be able to place scorching pans directly from stove to your table without any protection or risk. It has been tested up to 1000° C

Outdoor safe

Designed for the outdoors, the lava stone tables is impervious to frost, water, Sun rays, sea salt. The glaze is safe from all atmospheric agents. UV stable and perfect for any kind of climate, condition or temperature.

Volcanic Stone Tables

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